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Custom solutions to streamline your workflows. Whether it’s web-development, neural networks or anything in between, we’re here to help.

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We’re your development partner...

No matter the complexity, we endeavour to bring the most innovative and scalable technology solutions to our customers. We create software with custom code, tailored specifically to your needs however big or small. Whatever the size of you project, our team is always on hand to offer our knowledge and support.

- Plank AI

Web Development

We at Plank offer full stack Web Development for your product, whether it be an App, Website or a piece of software, we’re here to help.

Artificial Intelligence

We can help you implement robust and cutting edge machine learning techniques to give your product a competitive edge.

Big Data

We can help you analyse and collect data to detect trends and patterns.


We, at Plank, know that A-B testing and website optimisation is crucial to converting leads and cutting costs. We can assist you with any testing so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Web Scraping

We, at Plank, create systems which can scrape publicly available data and store it in easy access databases.


We deal with all sorts of automation tasks and endeavour to streamline your workflows.

What makes us unique?

We pride ourselves on creating, robust, scaleable and stylish technology that works for you and your customers.

We like to work closely with you to merge your customer experience with our innovative technology.

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Our Recent Work...


MightyLink allows you to promote multiple links on your Instagram, all under one link.

We were tasked with the full stack development of the software. We designed the UX and UI as well as concepting and creating the logo and brand guidelines.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Logo design
  • Custom CMS
  • Instagram API integration
  • Analytics tracking
  • Software as a service - subscription model


Retrocam is a mobile app for enhancing videos using overlayed effects. By using smartphone e-gpu’s Retrocam brings professional editing software blending capabilities to your mobile phone. As Plank's first mobile app, we were responsible for the entire design and development of this app.

As Plank's first mobile app, we were responsible for the entire design and development of this app.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Video Codec development
  • Full Stack mobile app development
  • Instagram API integration


Fenella Jewellery is a luxury jewellers born out of the heart of Hatton Gardens.

With our second phase commencing in Early 2020, we will make Fenella into a fully functioning E-Commerce platform as well as automating Fenella’s manufacturing process.

  • Full UX/UI Design
  • Full Stack development
  • CMS integration

Hertford Media

Hertford Media is a boutique London based Creative Social Media Agency with a fresh and dynamic team committed to working with you to reach your business goals.

Plank were briefed to create a streamlined, single paged, UI that allows potential customers to understand what Hertford Media do as quickly as possible.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Full Stack development

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If you have a project that you think we may be able to help or advise you on, feel free to either email us, arrange a call or speak to one of our developers online.